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SupaJax Video Poker Review

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SupaJax Video Poker Game Screenshot

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SupaJax is an amazing game of video poker based on the classic game of Jacks or Better. This version has an edge over the rest, however, since there is one extra card in the deck - the SupaJax card. If you get this card with the four jacks, as long as you have spun with the maximum bet, you win the Progressive Jackpot!

Bets are from one to five coins, and coins used in SupaJax are one credit coins (one dollar, pound, or euro). The lowest hand in SupaJax which pays out is a pair of jacks or better - that is, a pair of jacks, queens, kings, or aces. Actually these just return your wager, so you break even. You need to spin Two Pairs to get more money than you put in. Two Pairs pays double your wager. The payout increases exponentially until you hit the king of all poker hands - the Royal Flush - which pays out at an amazing 3000:1 with a five coin bet!

Getting a hand of four jacks earns you the Four of a Kind payout, which is from 25:1 to 125:1, depending on your wager. But if you wager 5 coins, and spin four jacks along with the special SupaJax card, the entire Progressive Jackpot is yours! This jackpot has been over 100,000 in the past, which is a huge increase on a 5 credit wager.

SupaJax has all the fun and excitement of classic video poker, with the added thrill of being able to bet more than one coin for a chance at higher payouts, and with the chance to spin for the huge Progressive Jackpot. SupaJax offers some of the highest returns of any video poker game out there, so it is in your best interest to have a play and see how it goes!

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