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Progressive Cyberstud Poker Card Game Review

Progressive Cyberstud Poker Screenshot
Progressive Cyberstud Poker Game Screenshot

Progressive Cyberstud Poker
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Cyberstud Poker

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Progressive Cyberstud Poker is a great video poker game in which you battle against the dealer one-on-one. The stakes are high, and the payouts are higher, so the fact that you get to see one of the cards in the dealer's hand is a real bonus in this game. The slick looks and smooth gameplay make this one a real winner.

The game starts with an ante. The ante is always one coin, but you get to choose your coin size. Once your ante is on the table, you and the dealer both get your five-card hands. Your whole hand is shown face-up on the screen, and you get to see a random card from the dealer's hand too! This helps a lot when deciding whether to fold or call.

If you call, another bet is made, the same amount as your ante. The rest of the dealer's hand is then shown, and the hands are compared. The dealer needs at least an ace-king combination to qualify. If he doesn't have this, the call wager is a push and you get your bet back, no matter how good your hand is. The same goes if your hand and the dealer's hand tie.

If you beat the dealer, you win anything from 1 to 1 for an Ace/King combination, to 999 to 1 for a Royal Flush! The game is all about betting strategy in the end, so keep an eye on the dealer's one visible card, this can make a big difference in how you bet. Always bet if you have a pair or better, and if you have less than an Ace/King combination, be sure to fold, because although you might break even if the dealer doesn't qualify, chances are you'll lose your ante anyway.

Last but not least, as a progressive game, Progressive Cberstud Poker gives you a chance to win a huge Progressive Jackpot. A side bet of 1.00 credits is required to qualify for the big prize, and this side bet feeds into the Progressive Jackpot itself. If you get a Royal Flush, in addition to your ante and call bet payouts, you win the entire Progressive Jackpot. This game is great fun to play, and with some of the biggest payouts available anywhere, it is worth every penny you bet!

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