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Caribbean Stud Poker Card Game Review

Caribbean Stud Poker Screenshot
Caribbean Stud Poker Game Screenshot

Caribbean Stud Poker
Play Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker is an excellent single player progressive poker game in which you bet your hand against the dealer's. The game is very well done, and everything from the chips and cards down to the table and the jackpot counter all look amazing. This is a full-featured and fun to play poker game, sure to please even the pickiest players.

The game is played according to the Atlantic City Poker rules; the only exception is that the payoff for a Royal Flush is 200:1 instead of 100:1. A round starts with an ante bet (5 minimum, 300 or 1/3 of your account balance maximum). Then you will be dealt five cards face up, while the dealer gets four cards face down and one card face up. This slight advantage can be very helpful in deciding if you want to bet against the dealer's hand!

At this point you either surrender your ante and fold, or you bet on your hand. If you bet, an amount of chips equal to your ante bet is added to your total wager, and the dealer's hand is revealed. Dealer needs at least an Ace/King combo to qualify. If the dealer's hand does not qualify, your entire wager is returned and a new round starts. If the dealer's hand qualifies, it is compared against yours, and if yours is higher, you get paid 1:1 on your ante, plus any bonuses based on your hand.

Payouts for good hands are as follows - Pair is 1:1, Two Pair is 2:1, Three of a Kind is 3:1, Straight is 4:1, Flush is 5:1, Full House is 7:1, Four of a Kind is 20:1, Straight Flush is 50:1, and Royal Flush is a huge 2001:1.

Last and certainly not least, to qualify for the big Progressive Jackpot you need to make a side bet of $1 each round. This side bet enables the following bonuses, which are paid on top of the normal hand bonuses - Flush gets 50, Full House gets 100, Four of a Kind gets 500, Straight Flush gets 10% of the Progressive Jackpot, and a Royal Flush gets a full 100% of the Progressive Jackpot. This tiny side bet is definitely worth paying for, as the extra prizes are huge! This Jackpot starts at a massive 100,000, and grows every time someone playing this game anywhere on the planet makes a bet. It gets bigger and bigger until someone wins, then it resets and starts fresh.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a classic game, with none of the fancy gimmicks that are showing up in many online poker games today. It's you against the dealer, with no draws or wild cards, just straight up, real man's poker. This is a great game made greater by the Progressive Jacpot. Play today!

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