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Megajacks Progressive Game Review

Megajacks Progressive Screenshot
Megajacks Progressive Game Screenshot

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MegaJacks is a fun and easy game of video poker. The goal is to get the best poker hand possible. This game gives you a chance to replace any of the cards in your hand once, it lets you choose your bet size from a wide range of possibilities, and even gives you a chance at a huge Progressive Jackpot!

The game is played by deciding how much you will bet. The available wagers are .25, .50, .75, 1.0, and 1.25. Once you have chosen a wager, just press 'deal' to get your cards. You can choose to keep replace any of your cards once - to do this, just press the 'hold' button beneath the cards you want to keep. Press 'deal' again to see your final hand.

The lowest paying hand is a pair of Jacks, basically making this like standard jacks or higher poker. This only pays out at 1:1, but that's better than losing your wager! Payouts in this game can get enormous, in the thousands, but only if you place higher wagers at the beginning of the round.

To qualify for the Progressive Jackpot, you have to make the highest wager of 1.25 for a round. Then, if you can get a Royal Flush, the Progressive Jackpot is yours!

Another great feature about MegaJacks is Doubling Up. If you get a winning hand, you can either choose to take the money, or to bet the same amount on a game of 'high card' with the dealer. A draw results in you getting your Double Up wager back, and having the option to Double Up again. You can even choose a Half Double, which keeps half of your winnings safe, and just doubles up with the other half.

This is a simple game overall, but sometimes that is best. The graphics are nice and clean, the controls are quick and easy, and the feel of a good game of poker is found throughout the game. So go play a few rounds, and see what you can win!

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