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10-Line Jacks or Better Progressive Game Review

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10-Line Jacks or Better Progressive
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Jacks or Better Progressive Payout Schedule
10-Line Jacks or Better Progressive
Payout Schedule

Jacks or Better
Play Jacks or Better

The only thing that tops a good game of jacks or better is being able to play ten hands at the same time. Sound impossible? Not with 10-Line Jacks or Better! Place your bet, press DEAL, and watch the cards spin. Ten hands means ten chances to win big, so check it out!

Ten full, 52 card decks are used in this game. You start a round by choosing your coin size, then choosing how many coins (up to five) you are betting on each hand. Remember that there are ten hands, so if you choose a max bid, your wager will be your coin size times 5 coins times 10 hands, or 50x your coin size. These are high stakes, but with ten hands per round, that's ten chances to win!

The lowest winning hand is a pair of jacks, and the payout starts at 1:1. From here, payouts increase with every hand, all the way up to 4000:1 for a Royal Flush. If you get a Royal Flush on the first row, and have placed a max bet, you get the big Progressive Jackpot!

One tricky thing about this game that takes some getting used to is that when you do your one replace, the cards you choose to hold are used across all ten lines. This is made easier by an auto-hold function built in to the game, which automatically holds cards that make up a winning hand.

When a hand is won, you can either collect or Double Up. If you choose to Double Up, you play what is basically a little game of high card with the dealer. The dealer gets a face up card and you get four face down cards. You pick one of the face down cards, and if your card is higher than the dealer's, you double your money! If it is a tie, you can choose to try again. Even better you can choose a Half Double, which puts half of your winnings in your account, and tries to double the other half.

There are lots of great features in this game which make it fun to play, and even more fun to win. It's a great way to have fun with not one, but ten hands of poker, and a great way to win money. Just keep your fingers crossed for jacks or better!

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