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Jackpot Deuces Video Poker Review

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Jackpot Deuces Video Poker Game Screenshot

Jackpot Deuces
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If you are in the mood to play some classic video poker, and wouldn't mind winning loads of cash while doing it, then play Jackpot Deuces. With a bet of anywhere from one to five coins, and a chance at winning an exciting Progressive Jackpot, this game is very attractive. But wait - it has wild cards too!

Jackpot Deuces is very easy to play, you just place your bet, anywhere from one to five coins, then spin the cards to see what you get. Three of a kind is the lowest hand that pays anything, since you have four wild cards to help you get great hands. Three of a Kind pays out from 1:1 to 5:1, depending on how many coins you chose to bet - basically it just returns your wager. Deuces are wild, and can stand in for any other card. Payouts for hands completed using deuces are the same for everything except a Royal Flush. A true Royal Flush pays at 4000:1 for a five-coin bet, but a Deuces Royal Flush only pays out 125:1 for the same bet. Still, that's lots of free cash!

To hit the huge Progressive Jackpot, you first need to make sure you bet 5 coins, otherwise you won't be eligible. Then you just have to spin the biggest hand in this game - a Diamond Royal Flush. When you see the 10, J, Q, K, and A of diamonds roll up on the screen, get ready to be happy, as you've just one a huge prize! Remember, the Progressive Jackpot just grows and grows the more you play, so keep at it.

Deuces wild video poker will always be a great, classic game, and Jackpot Deuces makes it even better by offering a huge Progressive Jackpot. There is no reason to look around, this is the best video poker game in any online casino, so start playing today!

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