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Caribbean Poker Progressive Card Game Review

Caribbean Poker Progressive Screenshot
Caribbean Poker Progressive Game Screenshot

Caribbean Poker
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Caribbean Poker is another great single player poker game from Playtech. This is a straight poker game, with now drawing or fancy tricks, you just play with the hand you are dealt. The look of the game is no-nonsense too, with a clean table, a card shoe, and some piles of chips. Everything looks great, but there is nothing to get in the way of good old poker fun.

Bets can be almost any amounts, with ten different chip sizes up to 100 credits. An ante bet is placed first, then your five card hand is dealt, face up. You can fold and lose your ante, or call, and double your bet. The dealer's hand is then shown, and as long as the dealer has the Ace/King combination he needs to qualify, the hands are compared and the highest hand wins.

Payouts start at 1:1 for High Card and Pair wins, and move on up the ladder to a payout of 100:1 for a Royal Flush win. But in addition to these, there are Progressive payouts as well. These require a side bet of at least one credit, but can be higher if you like. This bet is made with the ante, before the deal. The payouts start with a Flush, which gives you 50x your side bet. Full House pays out at 100x, Four of a Kind at 500x, Straight Flush at 10% of the Progressive Jackpot, and Royal Flush lands you the entire Progressive Jackpot. The best part about these Progressive wins is that the dealer does not even have to quality for you to get paid! They apply any time your hand is better than the dealer's hand.

That is the extent of Caribbean Poker. It is raw poker fun at its finest, with a side bet thrown in for an extra chance at winning big money. It would not be fair to call this game 'no frills' because it looks and plays so well, but it is definitely 'just poker', so if that is what you fancy, look no further than Caribbean Poker!

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