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Blackjack Progressive Card Game Review

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Blackjack Progressive
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Blackjack Progressive
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Blackjack Progressive is without question one of the best blackjack games available anywhere. In addition to the usual payouts, there are six different progressive payouts awarded for holding aces in your hand. These extra payouts put this particular blackjack game high on the list of all serious online gamblers.

The rules are pretty much standard. You can split any pair, but if you split an ace pair, and then draw a ten, this is not accepted as a Blackjack even though the total is 21. Re-splitting is not allowed in Blackjack Progressive. After you split, each hand gets one more card, and then you must stand. Doubling down rules are fairly standard as well. You can only double down on the first two cards (but not on a Blackjack), and the value of the double down bet is the same as your original bet. You can double down after a split. Once you double down, you only get one more card, and then you must stand. There is no option to surrender. Insurance bets are available when the dealer holds an ace - these are half of your original bet, and they pay 2:1 if the dealer is holding a Blackjack. Blackjack always pays 3:2.

Bets start at an even one credit, and progress through 5, 10, 25, and 100, and max bet is 300. A one credit side bet is optional, but it is highly recommended, for it pays into the Progressive Jackpot, and makes you eligible to win the whole thing. The Progressive Jackpot is won with aces. One ace in your hand pays 5x. Two unsuited aces pays out 50x, and 2 suited aces pays 100x. Three unsuited aces pays 250x, and three suited pays a huge 2500x. Four unsuited aces pays at 5000, and if you are lucky enough to get a hand with four aces that are all red or all black pays out the huge Progressive Jackpot!

The table in Blackjack Progressive looks great, and it feels like a real casino. The cards are easy to read, and it just takes a few minutes to learn the gameplay. This is definitely a high-stakes game with a max bet of 300, but with the extra Progressive prizes thrown in for a mere one credit side bet, this game has the potential for some enormous payouts. Aces alone can net you tens of thousands! Don't miss this game if you like blackjack. If you don't like blackjack, play it anyway, and you will!

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